Manuscript Submissions

The main submission website is

Papers may or may not be submitted double-blind. These days, google will reveal author identity within about 5 seconds to any interested referee even when the author is not named on the paper.

The CFR does not follow ordinary no-repeat-submission jeopardy rules. It even welcomes papers that it has previously rejected. However, the CFR is also more likely to reject these papers again. The threshold increases. A revised version better be so much better that it will barely be recognizable — otherwise, I may desk-reject it!

The submission fee is $400. (Do not expect refunds under any circumstances. I would not know how to do this and I will not spend the time dealing with paypal and editorial express to figure it out. Instead, please use the pre-submission screening/feedback mechanism.)

There are no fee waivers under any circumstances. We don't have the bandwidth to deal with them. If you cannot afford submitting to the CFR, please try another journal.

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