Future Replication Issues

The CFR is thinking about future replication issues. The selection process is based on a list of 300 currently influential papers (last 3-4 years), published in major finance journals:

This list excludes influential papers published in economics journals, because I did not know how to search for them. A replication issue should also consider influential papers published in venues other than the four journals used above. The editor ultimately selects the papers. My choices were mostly mechanical. I started at the top and chose related criteria, then looked down for similar papers. Many omitted are papers already covered by recent CFR issues (such as LLSV papers by Holderness), liquidity papers, survey papers (incl. Graham-Harvey), and Fama-French papers (being replicated universally hundreds of times a year).)

The following papers seem to represent about 50-100 of the most of the influential papers in finance in early 2017. Some are quite old, some are quite new. Good candidates for issues are

(Own) Volatility (Juhani L):
Ang-Hodrick-Xing-Zhang (JF 2006, JFE 2009) with Fu JFE 2009, Bali+Cakici JFQA 2011); Campbell-Lettau-Malkiel (JF 2001); Harvey-Siddique and/or Schwert (JF 1989). Further, maybe Engle-Ng (JF 1993); Andersen-Bollerslev-Diebold-Ebens (JFE 2001).
Further Choices:
Aggregate Volatility and Index Returns:
Glosten-Jagannathan-Runkle (JF 1993); French-Schwert-Stambaugh (JFE 1987); Campbell-Hentschel (JFE 1992); ... ;
Behavioral Finance:
Baker-Wurgler (JF 2006); Debondt-Thaler (JF 1985); Tetlock (JF 2007); Barber-Odean (JF 2000, RFS 2008); Shefrin-Statman (JF 1985); Odean (JF 1998); Tetlock-Saar (JF 2008); Antweiler-Frank (JF 2004); Campbell (JF 2006)?; Da-Engelberg-Gao (JF 2011); ...
Earnings Management:
Leuz-Nanda-Wysocki (JFE 2003); Bergstrasser-Philippon (JFE 2006); Teoh-Welch-Wong (JF 1998, JFE 1998); Della-Vigna-Pollet (JF 2009); ...
Corporate Boards:
Yermack (JFE 1996); Adams-Ferreira (JFE 2009); Coles-Daniel-Naveen (JFE 2008) Linck-Netter-Yang (JFE 2008); Fich-Shivdasani (JF 2006); Boone-Field-Karpoff-Raheja (JFE 2007); Vafeas (JFE 1999); Eisenberg-Sundgren-Wells (JFE 1998); Goldman-Rocholl-So-Jongil (RFS 2009); Ferris-Jagannathan-Pritchard (JF 2003); Ahern-Dittman (QJE 2012); ...
(Management) Incentives:
Morck-Shleifer-Vishny (JFE 1988); Core-Holthausen-Larcker (JFE 1999); Claessens-Djankov-Fan-Lang (JF 2002); Bebchuk-Cohen-Ferrell (RFS 2009); Malmendier-Tate (JF 2005, 2008); Weisbach (JFE 1988); Faccio-Masulis-McConnell (JF 2006); Coles-Daniel-Naveen (JF 2001); Berger-Ofek (JFE 1995); McConnell-Servaes (JFE 1990); Moeller-Schlingemann-Stulz (JFE 2004); ...
Capital Structure:
Rajan-Zingales (JF 1995); Titman-Wessels (JF 1988); Loughran-Mcdonald (JF 2011); Baker-Wurgler (JF 2002); Smith-Warner (JFE 1979); Lemmon-Roberts-Zender (JF 2008); Welch (JPE 2004); ...
Opler-Pinowitz-Stulz-Williams (JFE 1999); Almeida-Campello-Weisbach (JF 2004); Bates-Kahle-Stulz (JF 2009); Dittmar-Mahrt-Smith (JFE 2007); Harford (JF 1999); Faulkender-Wang (JF 2006); Harford-Mansi-Maxwell (JFE 2008); ...
Petersen-Rajan (JF 1994); Laeven-Levine (JFE 2009); Ivashina-Scharfstein (JFE 2010); Beck-Levine-Loayza (JFE 2000); Beltratti-Stulz (JFE 2012); ...
Families, Entrepreneurs, IPOs:
Anderson-Reeb (JF 2003); Villalonga-Amit (JFE 2006); Megginson-Weiss (JF 1991); Loughran-Ritter (JF 1995); Ritter (JF 1991); ...

From the home website:

Liquidity: Replications, Extensions, and Critique (2018, Vol 8-?)

The CFR has invited replications of the three most influential liquidity papers of the last 20 years (RFP call). The papers and lead authors will be

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